About Us

Hola Pura vida  !!!   means = everything positive what you can imagine,

So Hello Pura Vida!!!

Thanks a lot for visit us, it will be a honor to guide you on this nature experience!!!!!

First at all and to create confidence with you, let us to introduce ourselfs, I am Leonardo, I am a Naturalist tour guide, Estefania is  my wife, she is my right-hand,  our main Goal is to help the people providing excellet quality service, providing Real Experiences, low  rates and to get  the  BEST of Tortuguero JUST for less than Expensive Resorts and world tour’s providers, here you deal with a local family, that would like to meet many people, make new friends, share the importance  of preserve tropical rain forest ecosystems and by  applying all our knowledge in practice  sustainable eco-turism methos  to help to reduce the impact to tha planet.

Here we love our Tortuguero Life enjoy the nature around, the peace, listening to the nature and learning  about to protect the world’s natural resources… we would love that you come  enjoy this as well, so do you? come and enjoy it too!!! : )