Hello I offer you 2 options: 

1 – Fulfill  this form to help you to build an itinerary and split different activities during your staying on Tortuguero, if you already have accomodations reserved that is not a problem just let me know where? And your approximated arrival time to wait for you on the main dock to help you to get to your hotel and clear out all your questions. And if you fulfill the form is because you are really interested, lately I had received request and at the end the people never come cause they find other options on the way and I had spend my time to give a fast respond and so I ask for respect for my time and work.

2 – Fastest way to reserve and even with a calendar to schedule the tour is by follow this link:

Thanks a lot for your visit


Note: To confirm your reservation we take 20% of the total service,  we will send you a  electronic Paypal receipt to you email, that you can follow to pay, after the payment is made, we will send you another e-mail to confirm the payment and the reservation.